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Client Satisfaction Survey

We need your help! Enclosed is a brief survey regarding your recent experience with the Seeff Boland Winelands and West Coast Team. Your response is important to us and will help us create new, improved services that you and other clients will receive during future real estate transactions with us.

Please answer each question openly and honestly.


Please select the number that is most descriptive of the service you received from us.

1 = Unsatisfactory, 3 = Average, and 5 = Excellent.
If a subject is not applicable, please leave it blank.

Timeous response to messages
Problems were handled to my satisfaction
Regular communication
The knowledge of real estate demonstrated
Attention given to your special needs
Your overall impression of our real estate service
Your overall impression of the transferring attorney's services
Do you feel that we adequately explained the real estate process and what you could expect during each phase of the process?
Do you feel that we really cared about you and your real estate needs?

In comparison to other Agencies you have worked with, the quality of our real estate service is:


What did you like best about working with us?


If there were one thing that we could improve upon, what would that be?


How did you hear about Seeff?


When you think about your real estate experience, what stands out most in your mind?


What was the most disappointing thing that happened during your transaction?

Do you feel we earned our commission?
Would you feel comfortable recommending our services to your friends and family?

Do you have someone now that you would like to refer to us, if so, please write in your referral’s name, phone number and address:


Your details:

Thank you, your response is greatly appreciated

Seeff Boland Winelands and West Coast

Client Satisfaction Department